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Our Beer Selection


Epic Brewing “Cross Fever” Amber / Red Ale, Utah 650.62ML 4.0% 12

Epic Brewing “Spiral Jetty” IPA, Utah 650.62ML 6.6% 12.5

Roha Shambo Juicy IPA, Utah 7.0% 6

Roha Thursday American IPA, Utah 6.5% 6

Saltfire Brewing Co. 12 Monkeys Double IPA, Utah 16 oz 9.1% 15

Saltfire Brewing Co. “Charlotte Sometimes” Summer Blond Ale, Utah 16 oz 5.2% 12

Saltfire Brewing Co. Dirty Chai Stout, Utah 16 oz 6.7% 18

Squatters "Chasing Tale" Golden Ale, Utah 4.0% 6.5

Squatters "Hop Rising" Double IPA, Utah 9.0% 6.5

Squatters "Off Duty" IPA, Utah 6.5% 6.5

Squatters Hefeweizen American Wheat, Utah 4.0% 6

Uinta “Cutthroat “Pale Ale, Utah 4.0% 6

Uinta “Hop Nosh” IPA, Utah 7.3% 6

Wasatch Polygamy Porter, Utah 4.0% 6


Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Delaware 6.0% 8

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, Delaware 9.0% 8

Dogfish Head Sea Quench Sour Ale, Delaware 4.9% 8

Lagunitas IPA, Peteluma 6.2% 6.5

New Belgium Fat Tire Belgian Style Ale, Colorado 5.2% 6

Pabst Brewing Company, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Double Deuce, 24 oz 3.2% 5

Samuel Adams “Boston” Lager, Massachusetts 4.9% 6.5

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, California 5.6% 6

Gluten Free

Omission Lager, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Oregon 5.8% 6.5


Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, Classic 4.5% 6

Press Pomegranate Ginger 4.0% 6.5

Press Blackberry Hibiscus 4.0% 6.5

Press Grapefruit Cardamom 4.0% 6.5


Amstel Light Lager, Holland 3.2% 5

Asahi Rice Lager, Japan, 22 oz 5.0% 12.5

Blue Moon Brewing Co Belgian White, Montreal 3.2% 5

Clausthaler Original Non-Alcoholic, Germany 6

Corona Light, Mexico 3.2% 5

Corona Pilsner, Mexico 3.2% 5

Guinness Stout, Ireland 4.1% 6

Heineken Lager, Holland 3.2% 5

Hoegaarden Belgian Witbier, Belgium 4.9% 7.5

Kirin Ichiban “Reserve” Pale Lager, Japan, 24 oz 5.0% 12

Modelo Especial Pilsner Style Lager, Mexico 4.4% 5

Newcastle Brown Ale, England 4.7% 7.5

Orion Premium Draft, Japan 22 oz 5.0% 14

Pacifico “Clara” Lager, Mexico 4.5% 6

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Euro Pale Lager, Italy 5.1% 7

Pilsner Urquell, Czech 4.4% 7

Sapporo Draft “Tin” Rice Lager 5.0% 12.5

Sapporo Light Rice Lager, Japan 4.0% 6

Stella Artois Lager, Belgium 4.0% 7


Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Cincinnati (Gluten Free) 5.0% 7

Dear Ladies And Gentlemen,

We Have A Few Rules To Abide By Here At The Dog. It Is Imperative That You Maintain A Sense Of Humor. As A Matter Of Fact, It Is Required To Have One In These Here Parts. No Sense Of Humor = No Service. We Would Like You To Behave So Others May Enjoy Their Meal Or Misbehave To The Point We Can Refer To You As The Nightly Entertainment. We Maintain The Right To Refuse Service To Any Stuffed Shirts, All Unruly & Unattended Children, Idiots And Those Who Refuse To Have A Good Time. We Readily Admit That No One Is Perfect So Let Us Know If We Aren’t Meeting Your Expectations And We Will Let You Know If You Aren’t Meeting Ours. Please Note That Not All Of Our Dishes May Be Split & There Will Be A $5 Split Plate Charge To Do So. Our Staff Is Happy To Evenly Split Your Check But If It Requires Pulling Out The Abacus You Are S.O.L. Also, Blind Dog Doesn’t Accept Personal Checks, Monopoly Money Or Wooden Nickels. Chef Penn Prefers That We Keep The Menu As It Has Been Created & Written. Substitutions Will Be Kindly Declined And Politely Ignored.  And Remember, We Are In The Restaurant Business Because We Love Food And Most Of The Folks Who Cross Our Threshold.

18% Gratuity May Be Added To Parties Of Eight Or More And All Split Checks. 25% Gratuity Will Be Added To Any Table We Have To Babysit. Cheers And Please Remember, Just Breathe!


Open Tuesday - Saturday

5pm to Close



1251 Kearns Blvd

Park City UT 84060



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